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THE NEW DEMO   (2022)

Dismembered By Dogs

  Immerse yourself in the sonic beast of "DISMEMBERED BY DOGS"!   Recorded at the renowned Mercinary Studios in Avon, Ohio- This demo will be the first glimpse of the upcoming full length album in 2023! and the new direction that this intense group is headed!


-Beneath the veil of mysticism and intrigue, listeners are lured into a mesmerizing and curious dimension ... then, violently transported into sweeping hallucinations of horror and despair as this new release from Paradox Rift rips them apart! These dark compositions are incredibly captivating. Encapsulating feelings of true fear, panic and despair. DBD allows you a fleeting glimpse into the realm of Paradox Rift's rituals of insanity! Bearing witness first hand to the chaos and wild order of their nature. Dismembered By Dogs is a release that is sure to tear the audience to pieces!

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