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THIS MAY 2024...

Immerse yourself in the sonic beast of "ENSNARED"!  The upcoming full-length album by Paradox Rift. Recorded, mixed and mastered at the renowned Mercinary Studios in Avon, Ohio.

-Beneath the veil of mysticism and intrigue, listeners are lured into a mesmerizing and curious dimension ... then, violently transported into sweeping hallucinations of horror and despair. This versatile album is heavy, technical, spastic and style-bending. It’s definitely not what anyone will be expecting to hear from an extreme metal band based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Transcending the high-energy and sheer violence at unforeseen times as the dynamic music traverses through new ideas… and even encroaches on to more of an ethereal sound and atmosphere... Taming the beast and blending the tranquil with the agitated. This new release is much more than just brutal riffs with blasting drums. It almost feels like it’s set apart from the rest of the music in this particular genre. The compositions are incredibly captivating and seem to have a wild order of their own, on top of their eerie/ groovy nature. Encapsulating feelings of panic, anxiety, rage, paranoia, chaos and crippling fear. The lyrics paint a vivid picture as this intense music tells the complex story of how it will leave its audience ‘ENSNARED’.

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